You can’t really spend your crypto.
Very few merchants accept cryptocurrencies. Crypto to fiat conversion is a cumbersome process. Banking regulations across countries like India, China make it impossible to convert, therefore creating a lack of legal channels.
So we have made a Debit card for your crypto
Use it like just any debit or credit card. Instant conversion from crypto to fiat. Best rates calculated at ultra fast speeds. Mastercard Approved Cards with global spending monthly limit of USD 9K
A global solution that empowers crypto users to spend in fiat without using any bank directly.
Dotqii card completely focuses on providing an efficient solution to the user of an option to be able to convert crypto to fiat and spend that using a prepaid debit card directly without even the need of opening a bank account.
Borderless Payments
Option to make payments globally via any fiat payment gateways or through card on POS.
Monthly Spend
Monthly spending on personal accounts is available up to $9k
ATM Withdrawal
We provide an option to use the cards even for withdrawals at ATM. Check pricing page to understand charges.
180 countries
We can issue cards to almost 180 countries without a need for any bank account. The issuance of cards differs according to jurisdiction and availability of cards from Master Card
Seamless Security
You can lock your online payments or block the card with just a single click on the app
All transactions can be exported on a single click to a csv file which helps to easily track and audit transactions
No hidden fees,
No gimmicks
Just one-time loading cost and get rewarded with every spending you do in DotQii token.
How it works
Sign Up and submit KYC documents
Can be done through app/web
Generate Your UnionPay/Mastercard Approved Debit Card
Virtual Card generated instantly with physical card delivered later
Load Cryptocurrency (majors) Into In-built Wallet
Take backup, generate address and load crypto
Spend anywhere across 180+ countries
Swipe, pay online at online & offline businesses across 180+ countries
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