Frequently Asked Questions

Which cryptocurrencies are currently accepted on the DotQii platform?

As of now, we support BTC, ETH, USDt 

What is the minimum load amount?

There is no minimum load amount. However, we recommend that you check the price of the gift cards you are willing to buy and load accordingly.

My balance is not updated even after the transfer. What do I do?

If the balance does not appear after 30 minutes, please raise a ticket from the support section. 

Which wallets can one use to transfer crypto on DotQii?

Any crypto wallet irrespective of the kind can be used to deposit crypto.

Can I deposit crypto from my crypto exchange account?

Yes, you can deposit crypto from any exchange like Binance etc to the address generated in your DotQii profile. 

Post deposit, can the crypto be sent back to my account on request?

We usually do not allow that. However, we can consider after understanding your case. Please raise a ticket stating more information.

I sent crypto to the wrong address than the one on the platform. What can I do?

We would be unable to help with that as it is out of our control. We recommend to always copy-paste the address or use QR code for transfers.

The amount of crypto is deducted from my wallet but stuck in the network. How long should I wait for?

Depending on the transaction fees paid and the network load, the settlement would vary. Be assured, your crypto is safe and would be in your wallet or the deposit address.

How does the conversion take place?

The conversion is done with the help of a third party trusted licensed partner. We cover the risk for you 100%.

What is the average time for conversion?

The average conversion time window is 4-10 hours. It could be earlier depending on what time of the day is the order placed.

I believe I have been charged incorrectly. Where can I get it resolved?

In case of an incorrect charge, please raise a ticket from the support section of your profile or drop us an email at

The amount deposited doesn’t cover the cost of the gift card I want to buy. What should I do?

You can reload your website for your desired amount again. The total amount will be reflected in your wallet balance. 

What if the coupon is not accepted by the merchant site?

The coupons are verified for usage by the DotQii team. If you face trouble, please get in touch at

Can the coupon be returned once bought?

No, the coupon once bought can not be returned. Please refer to our return policies here for

My country is not on the list. Can I still buy a coupon and use it in my country?

We are in the process of adding gift cards to more countries every week. We would like to hear from you which countries we should add next. Get in touch at

What is the time between placing the order for the coupon and receiving it?

The coupon can be accessed within 4-10 hours of placing the order. 

Is there a limit to the number of Gift Cards one can buy?

No, there is no limit to the number of gift cards one can buy.

I haven’t received the gift card after successful order confirmation. 

If you have received an order confirmation notification, you will receive the card soon. Please visit your active cards section to check it. If you are still unable to find it, please contact support through the dashboard or get in touch with us at