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Fund utilization of first-round raise.

The funds raised would be used to fuel the growth of the product, help roll out the next version and acquire licenses for the company. The mentioned pie chart can be referred to for further information with respect to funds allocation.

30% Product
30% Marketing
20% Legal & Administrative
20% Licenses 


Token Indicator

300 million

Total Supply 


Launch Price

The timeline of how we became who we are

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  • March 2019

    • Idea Conceptualisation

    • We realised the need for a solution like DotQii as we faced challenges to spend crypto. We decided to take on ourselves to build the product.

  • May 2019

    • Angel Investment

    • In our quest of making crypto payments mainstream, we found the support of our investment partners in April. This allows us to skip the token sale process.

  • June 2019

    • Token Launch

    • Our token DQI was launched on exchanges and trading was initiated. This would be the native token on the DotQii platform helping users pay their fee while converting crypto to fiat.

  • Feb 2020

    • Card Issuance Partnership

    • In order to expedite the issuance process, we have partnered with issuers across geographies. This allows us to issue cards across 180+ countries without any limitations.

  • Sep 2020

    • Platform V1 Live (Beta)

    • Beta access to a closed group of users with an exclusive launch price. Signups stay open to all meanwhile for the next version launch.

  • March 2021

    • Completely Live

    • Complete access to DotQii platform to residents of 180+ countries with complete features. In addition, the DQI token would be traded on 5+ exchanges by this point.

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