We want to make crypto spending effortless and faster than fiat.

Our guiding force has been to deliver crypto spending products more frictionless than fiat with customer satisfaction levels of the neighbourhood convenience store.

Making crypto spending mainstream.

To create a digital payments ecosystem that will make payments faster, cheaper, efficient, and less wasteful.

Meaning : DotQii

DotQii, pronounced as /dɒt kiː/
is an improvised version of the combination of two words; dot and key.

The idea is inspired from the binary bits (01), the vision of dotqii is to bridge the crypto meta verse to fiat driven world. So Dot is representation of crypto world and Qii symbolises the fiat world. With an abstract meaning as connecting key to both the world.

The creators of  DotQii, hail from some of the best companies in the world.

Our Team of

Setu Saurabh

11+ years of experience in product management, Ex-Blockchain Product Manager at ConsenSys -,Startup Ex-PM, Gaana

Yash Jejani

6+ years of experience in business development, finance and compliance. Worked in Healthtech, Cleantech, IOT & SaaS.

Varun Satyam

6+ years of experience in business development, product management and user experience.


Security researcher for 9 years across Binary, Cobalt, Synack, Hackerone etc. Hall of fame inductee; Facebook, Google, Blockchain.com, Avalance, Polkadot etc.

Smit Shah

An MTech with specialisation
in CS. With stints across Intel & Qualcomm, he leads R&D at DotQii.

Pinnam Bharat

Ex-Head of Community at Blume Ventures, a 250 million USD fund. Previous engagements include partnership lead at SV.CO, a PPP modelled accelerator, Tata Motors.

Our Advisors 

Sam Tabar

Sam is an Ivy League lawyer turned capital strategist and founder. Currently, MD at Centerboard Securities. Past exp include Skadden, Sparx FundBank of America Merrill Lynch, Fluidity (exited to ConsenSys).

Sunny King

A legendary blockchain developer, Blockchain top 50 influential personality, is the inventor of Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and creator of three blockchain projects - V Systems, Peercoin and Primecoin.

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