Now Accepted
Making crypto payments mainstream
Spending crypto is troublesome, with us spending crypto ain’t just easy but complete fun. You earn back while you spend your crypto and it is completely hassle-free.
Easy Conversion
One click conversion from crypto to fiat
No bank accounts are required for conversion. Converted amount directly sent to the card
MasterCard, UnionPay approved cards can be used globally with a monthly spend limit of $9k
World class security to keep your crypto safe
No card tiers
One card for all
We don't ask for staking of tokens to become the most valuable customer, therefore we don't have card tiers. We consider every customer as equally important so we have a flat model of cashback, the more you spend the more you get rewarded back in DotQii tokens as part of our incentivization. Load the card with bitcoin and start spending immediately.
Spending Track
Spending habits at a glance
Every spend through the card gets simplified into categories. These categories have color codes which help to easily identify the monthly spending habits. Keeping track of spending helps to better optimize financial management.
Card app
DotQii Card lives on mobile
App linked card which makes all kinds of new things possible. You can sign up, do KYC in 72 hrs and start using it right away with the virtual card. For every purchase you make, you get Dotqii coin (DQI). You can spend however you want, right from your phone.

Have a question? Just text. It’s that simple.
Pay $0 / month
Spend your crypto without worrying about any service charges, minimum balances and hidden fees.
Minimum Loading amount
Loading Fee
Transaction Fee
Card Cost
ATM Withdrawal Fee
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